Choctaw Transportation Company specializes in heavy marine stone placement projects including, but not limited to, dikes, revetments, subaqueous berms, foreshore protection, hardpoints, scour repair, jetties and coastal protection.

Choctaw Transportation Company opened the Heloise material yard in 1970. For the last 20 years, Terry Harris, General Manager of Aggregate Sales, and his staff have been supplying local government and private markets in Northwest Tennessee with all types of stone material and sand.

Choctaw Transportation Company has teamed with local agricultural companies to load grain into barges for shipment to markets all over the world.

We are strategically located at MS River mile marker 832 on the left descending bank. We have a 17 acre material yard where we transport, store and distribute all types of aggregate and lime for federal, state, commercial and residential needs. We also have designed a mobile conveyor system to provide local agricultural companies with services to load grain onto barges to meet customer demands around the world.